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Further Information

message imageOur service consists of:

The detection and removal of malware sent by email can represent a significant cost to companies. We detect and remove such viruses before they reach you as a standard part of our service. We also filter and delete or tag suspected "spam" messages.

If you are running a mail server such as Microsoft Exchange and have a static IP address we can scan and filter incoming mail then relay it onto your server. 

If your mail server is offline, perhaps because the server is not responding or your Internet connection is down, our system will accept your mail, store it and wait until your mail server comes back online before relaying it on. 

If you do not have a static IP address you can configure your mail server to collect messages from one or more mailboxes on our server using products such as POPcon.

Alternatively, we can setup multiple mailboxes on our system for your users and they can use a desktop application like Outlook or a smart phone to download mail.

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